Way back in 2010, mates Tim (a lawyer) and Dave (a firefighter) were struggling to satisfy their pretty serious cravings for some deliciously fresh Mexican food. So they set off on a scoping trip to Mexico, sampling the best of the best culinary delights the country has to offer (in a street food kind of way).

Full of ideas, dreams, tacos and tequila, Tim and Dave returned to Australia, and set about bringing their vision of creating the best Mexican restaurant in Australia to life. Within 6 months, the boys had themselves a sweet little casa on Swan Street with an hour-long queue and a couple of maxed out credit cards.

The good word spread fast, and as demand grew, so did the Fonda network. Nowadays, we serve up our legendary tacos and margs to thousands of guests weekly, with 9 Fonda casas scattered across Melbourne and Sydney.


We’re not actually sure if this is the right use of this phrase, but it felt good so we’re rolling with it.

In short, there is plenty of punch behind the Fonda name - a vast improvement on the original name of Treehouse Mexican (???). It was a warm February afternoon, when Tim and Dave were sitting in traffic in Dave’s old Ford Laser (windows down, Nickleback pumping) discussing potential names for their venture.

Tim was nonchalantly flicking through a Mexican cookbook, and stumbled across a photo of a ‘fonda’ in Mexico. The explanation that accompanied this photo really struck a chord with the boys, with the idea of a ‘fonda’ being a home that a family opens up to their local community as an unofficial restaurant perfectly encapsulating what it was they were looking to create.

It was in this moment that the Fonda name was born, with the brand ethos of ‘MiCasa Su Casa’ being closely tied to this idea of everyone feeling welcome, relaxed and at home when dining in our casas. This embodies both how we treat our team, like our family, and how we treat our customers, like guests in our own home.